Logos & badges - Katzkin maintains a logo library of over 1,100 logos. If you don't have a logo, Katzkin has 7 stock fonts that you can use to create your own. If you do have a logo, simply send us the artwork and we can reproduce it. Our top-quality badges are designed to complement a matching interior embroidery or embossing, and come in a variety of different logos to suit the discriminating tastes of any automotive enthusiast. KATZKIN

Embroideries - To further compliment your new interior you can add a custom embroidery, we maintain a logo library of 1,100 logos, badges and embossings, any of which can be embroidered into the headerests or the front seat backs. KATZKIN

Embossing - Katzkin offers custom embossing on most of our Special Edition packages. KATZKIN

Two-tones - Katzkin Leather Interiors provide virtually limitless customization options and most popular among these are two-tones. There are over 80 colors and textures to choose from and any two of them can be combined into one of five different two-tone configurations: Insert, Combo, Center, Body and Face. Add to that some piping, perforation or custom embroidery and you'll be riding on a truly one-of-a-kind seat. KATZKIN

Heaters and Ventilation. KATZKIN